Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 [Review]

1-1310101022215VThe Innokin iTaste MVP is a very sturdy and reliable device that not only works as a vaping device but also as a device that allows the user to charge their other electronics with. This device features a  2600 mAh battery that can allow for almost two full days of vaping or if used to charge another device it will charge that device from 0% to around 60% depending on the size of the battery. This device also acts as a passthrough so you can vape on it while it is charging. It charges via a micro USB which is provided. The charging chord provided contains a Micro USB, Mini USB and an iPhone 4 adapter.

The 510 connection of this device has amazingly smooth threads which have fit any 510 or ego style tank I have placed on it. This device comes with a beauty ring that threads below the ego style threads which allows for an ego tank to screw on even with the beauty ring.


  • Puff Counter
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Large Battery (2600 mAh)
  • Passthrough
  • Built-in 3 digit display
  • Portable power source for electronic products
  • On/Off
  • 510 Connection

To use the device hit the fire button 3 times for on 3 times for off. The fire buttons will either light green- battery full, yellow- battery under 3.6v, or red-needs charged. To check your battery life and to read how many ohms your tank is hold down the watts and volts button at the same time. The range of this device is 3.3-5.0 volts in .1 increments and 6.0-11.0 watts in .5 increments. To check your puff count hold either the volts or the watts button and it will show your puffs up to 999 after that it resets to 0.

To turn this device into a charging unit plug the supplied USB cord or a personal charger into the USB port into the bottom of the device and flip the switch on the bottom to on and I is ready to charge.

I rate this device a 10 out of 10  and recommend it to any Beginner to Intermediate. It is also a great device for advanced vapers but for vapers who rebuild their coils it needs to have more power.


 eCig Review by Zackery Keech




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