Nicotine and Vivid Dreams: The Effects of Nicotine Before Bed

Submitted by: UpAndAwayVapor

One of the more interesting side effects of nicotine patches are the extremely vivid dreams that occur if you are to wear one over night. This is believed to be caused due to the constant flow of nicotine in the users bloodstream while wearing the patch. How the nicotine affects the user to trigger these hyper-realistic dreams however is not certain. One explanation could be due to nicotine’s ability to increase the brain’s memory storing capabilities, allowing the user to recall dreams in detail that they may have otherwise forgotten upon waking up. Another explanation could be due to nicotine suppressing PGO waves in your brain that would usually spike before you enter the REM stage of sleep. Without these waves your brain is unable to determine unconscious and conscious signals which basically means you maintain daytime awareness and memory while you dream.

What’s wrong with having realistic and vivid dreams? Nothing as long as they’re pleasant dreams which unfortunately has not been the case for many nicotine patch users. It’s not certain why some people experience painfully unpleasant dreams and others don’t but it seems to be dependent upon the user. However users of nicotine patches aren’t the only consumers who have reported having these extremely vivid dreams. E-cigarette users have also reported similar effects from vaping e-liquid with high nicotine levels before bed.

Upon learning about the vivid dreams triggered by nicotine I decided to see if I would receive similar results using my e-cigarette. I’ve been vaping 1.5ml of Up and Away Vapor’s Strawberry e-liquid with a nicotine level of 12mg right before going to bed and have been able to recall my dreams in greater detail and have been dreaming more frequently. Fortunately I have yet to have any unpleasant dreams in the week I’ve been doing this. As stated earlier it’s hit-or-miss as far as whether or not you will have pleasant dreams.

If you are currently using nicotine patches be sure to follow the instructions as prescribed by your doctor and to seek medical consultation if you experience any unsettling side effects. For additional e-cigarette information and e-liquid products be sure to check out Up and Away Vapor at and remember to always vape responsibly.

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