Vaper Bar Owner Bans Vaping Due To Lack Of Respect

A southern California bar owner has made the decision to make his bar Vape Free. Now before you get all uppity, it is important to keep in mind that this bar owner is also a Vaper himself, even his sou chef is a vape user, and the reasons he has laid out for becoming a vape free bar is quite understandable. With the influx of people taking up Vaping, it is becoming more and more common to see vapers with sub-ohm builds. Where there are sub-ohm builds, there is likely a lot of clouds.

“Our private office is a Vape Den” says the bar owner. “I’ve never allowed vaping in the bar because its always packed and the vapor is inevitably going into someone’s face. Plus, I don’t vape in public indoor places.”

For months the bar owner has allowed vapers to use the patio, with the one rule that they try to be somewhat discrete. Unfortunately, as more and more folks got into sub-ohm builds, the discreteness went away and complaints from patrons began to pile in.  “Even when I would approach people and identified myself as a fellow vaper, they would give me the whole ” it’s just water vapor” excuse. I’d ask them to just keep the fog to a minimum and away from other people. A few drinks later and their back to blowing it wherever they want.” Obviously the rules were not holding up and because a few people cannot learn to be discrete and polite, the rest have to suffer. 

After several complaints and attempts to keep things in order, the bar owner finally made the decision to ban vaping all together officially making his bar Vape Free. “I feel terrible because I want to be an advocate for vaping. I can explain to people that it isn’t smoke, but I can’t tell them why some vapers have no manners.” Hopefully this action will be a sign for others to smarten up and play nice, or we might lose our vaping privileges all together. “This is really bumming me out. I hate to do it but I have to protect my business. I wanted to make a vape friendly patio, but I gave an inch and they took a mile.”

What do you think about this move? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit


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    • John
    • May 29, 2014
    • Reply

    He is ABSOLUTELY correct in his decision! He has a business to run and is doing vapers (AND the Industry) a FAVOUR by allowing them to vape. Reading this upset me quite a bit and I posted a rant on a fourm to which I frequent. Vapers need to be SMART about these privileges when they are given. I have a bit of a personal motto when it comes to vaping:

    “Proper Education and Exposure in an Appropriate Setting.”
    Public opinion MATTERS and if they don’t know what they’re seeing, they WILL judge you on perception using emotion (visualize a smoker, and the smell — Pretty bad, eh?). CHANGE that perception with facts, but using persuasion over aggression and defiance. Educate yourself AND the public!

    You are no longer a “Second Class Citizen” and you HAVE a VOICE! Use it wisely… True story…

    Vape Proud! BUT also Vape SMART!

  1. it serves the ones responsible for creating the situation right. one must respect another or else everyone has to pay for their Stupidity. I am all for vapers rights but blowin big clouds just to show off in a public place is very childish and gives us all a bad image which is nothing more than fuel to the fire that we are all fighting in the Vaping War.

  2. what a douchebag

      • Clifford Beatty
      • November 18, 2014
      • Reply

      No you are the douchbag !!!!!!

    • Clifford Beatty
    • November 18, 2014
    • Reply

    He has every right to set down some ground rule’s for his business and with that being said, his patrons should abide by them.

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